Danner – Go There – Christopher Van Tilburg

Building a life around being of service and being outside, Christopher Van Tilburg balances a demanding professional career as an emergency room physician, ski resort clinic doc and medical examiner with leading a team of elite wilderness search & rescue volunteers.

Danner – Go There – Cory Carman

With a Stanford law degree under her belt, Cory Carman returns home to the family ranch in Northeastern Oregon where she leads a progressive new approach to soil restoration and raising 100% grass-fed cattle.

Danner – Go There – Greg Hennes

After leaving behind a comfortable life in Portland, Greg Hennes carves a new life for himself in the remote town of Joseph, Oregon by restoring an old hotel and building a community of craftspeople with the Prairie Mountain folk school.

Go There – Danner

For nearly a century, Danner has crafted boots with purpose and integrity — footwear to equip those who choose the unlikely path, those who cut fresh trails, those who pioneer. Charles Danner came west to build the best boots loggers had ever known, an effort that resulted in a long-standing heritage brand with a renegade spirit. A spirit that proudly lives on in each pair of Danner boots we make to this day.

DANNER X HELINOX collaboration

DANNER with CREATOR Vol.7 – 배순탁 작가 : Portland Select

DANNER with CREATOR – Earth Us : Portland Select



DANNER with CREATOR 바버 김태우: Portland Select

DANNER with 허남훈, 김모아 : Portland select


DANNER with 최용빈 : Portland select

DANNER x Nature Troopers : Premium


GO OUT Magazine with DANNER : Premium

GO OUT Magazine with DANNER : Portland select

Magazine B 59th Issue: Danner

B proudly presents our new issue: Danner

Danner Factory – Portland Select

From Charles Danner’s small factory in Chippewa Falls, Wis., to today’s modern manufacturing facility in Portland, Ore. we’ve been committed to the same high standards since 1932.

Crafting Higher Standards – Vibram® Outsoles

The mark of a true craftsman comes from developing product that, year after year, stands up to the test. And this is the very reason that Danner is proud to develop custom outsole designs with Vibram, because year after year their outsoles stand up to the test.

Crafting Higher Standards – Hand Crafted

There are more efficient ways to manufacture a boot; to cut corners, to streamline the process, to produce more for less. But there is only one way to craft a boot with the fit, comfort and durability of a Danner, and that's by hand.

Crafting Higher Standards – Cutting Leather

Every hide of leather is unique. As is our tradition of cutting each hide by hand. It is the only way to ensure that the best part of each hide is used.

Crafting Higher Standards – Grading Leather

We test every single hide of leather.

The only way to ensure the quality of a Danner boot is to ensure the quality of the materials we use. That's why every hide of leather is graded through a series of six tests which check for strength, flexibility, durability and more.

Crafting Higher Standards

Our craft is seen through the standards we set.

We are craftsmen. We pay attention to details. We understand there may be similar ways to craft a boot but there are not similar standards. And, true to the Danner name, we pride ourselves in crafting the highest standards.